From the collaboration between Social Green Hub and Associazione South Working – Lavorare dal Sud®,  the idea was born of organising a range of services for people who want to choose Castelbuono as a temporary location for their remote work.

South Working?

In 2020, around 45,000 workers in large companies and 100,000 people in total returned to the South to tackle the pandemic by working remotely. This phenomenon is known as "South Working" (SW) and gave birth to South Working - Lavorare dal Sud®, a non-profit association with three missions:

1) Advocacy and social movement

2) Observation of the SW phenomenon

3) Support to Municipalities, Bodies and Institutions.

In February 2021 South Working Castelbuono was born, thanks to the synergy between public partners, private ones and volunteers, becoming one of the first SW venues in Italy. Managed by Social Green Hub, South Working Castelbuono has the purpose of welcoming South Workers, both natives of the territory and others, offering:

1) Public and functional coworking

2) Facilities for lunch breaks and accommodation

3) Quality of life and recreational opportunities.

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Where is Castelbuono?

Castelbuono is a dynamic medieval town that is a tourist destination famous for manna and its many cultural and artistic events. It is also well known for food and wine, good practices and exporting local products.

In the Province of Palermo (93km) at 423m above sea level and 15 Km from the coast, with 8,500 inhabitants in the heart of the Madonie Park.